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Last Updated: September 13, 2020

One Caption Ten Images! How To Find The Perfect Image for Any Caption

Today we want to talk about falling into the trap we so often see of using your caption simply to describe the image you are posting. No, no and no again! You need to step away from describing what the viewer is seeing in your captions and instead use them to connect, resonate and engage. The image should act as a means of stopping the scroll, of enticing the viewer and of elevating your brand presence and your caption should add unseen details, ask a question, share a story.

The link to the image may be obvious but it can also be tenuous at best and this really doesn’t matter! We know people agonise for hours over what to post and what they could possibly say about a certain image and we’re here to show you that you really don’t need to…

Today we are giving you just one “fill in the blanks” caption that you could use alongside any of the following Luminous images and more. The caption could be used by any business to show appreciation and is a a sure fire engagement starter. Appreciation posts are really popular and show your more humble side as a business owner. You could be celebrating a co-worker, another business you’ve worked with, your mentor, a family member… or multiple people as in this case! It’s a post that will make people feel special and encourage other people to comment with words of encouragement and love too!

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Here are two appreciation captions, feel free to fill in the blanks and show someone some love today!

“When life feels like an upward struggle… ask some friends for help! Just a little thank you to all the people and local businesses who have supported me recently! To anyone who has (put in something people have helped you with) I hope you know how much I appreciate it. I also wanted to thank the following businesses who have been there with help/advice/coffee/love/support/kind words during this time, all supporting me in some way (… add in business names … ). You may not know it but you have all helped in keeping me sane/fuelled/healthy/happy/motivated these past few days/weeks/years.⠀Lastly to all my family and friends for mention all the things they have done! You know who you all are, thank you!! ⠀

“Big shout out to (person’s name & handle). I can’t say enough how much I value your (words of wisdom/support/guidance/help/love/meals/knowledge). You are a true inspiration and I really can’t thank you enough. Keep shining bright and being the amazing human that you are.”

Now, just to show you how different the image could be, here are 9 more images you could use with these captions…

We hope this has shown you just how versatile our imagery can be. Our gallery contains more than 2000 beautiful stock photos, which we add to monthly so we know you’ll find the perfect image for any caption. To find out more about our membership options just click on the link below. Shine bright!