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Last Updated: September 13, 2020

5 Reasons Your Brand Is Luminary – Fine Art Stock Photography

Have you been drawn in by our light and bright fine art stock photography images but you’re wondering if The Luminous is right for you? Here are five ways to know if your brand is already Luminary, in which case, we are perfect for you!

champagne - fine art stock photography

You Know Your Message

Your brand message is such an important element of your brand identity. Everything that you post on social media should fit your brand message and appeal to your ideal client (more on that later!).

Imagery is an easy and clear way to communicate your brand message. Without even using words you can tell your audience all about your brand and your values. For example if you’re a costal brand which draws inspiration from nature then images of beaches, wildlife and the sea will all communicate your brand message.

At The Luminous you will find a vast catalogue of ever expanding fine art stock photography categories. Whatever your brand message, we will have images to help you communicate it along with your core values and what makes you unique.

You Understand Your Ideal Client

To reach your dream client it’s important to know who they are specifically. What brands do they love? What do they do in their free time? What do they do for a job? How old are they?

Knowing what makes your dream client tick is key to posting images that will attract them along with captions that will interest them and draw them into engagement with your brand.

If you understand who your dream client is, you will find it even easier to use The Luminous images to speak to them. If you don’t, we have lots of resources in our Education Hub to help you define them.

Ribbon and scissors - fine art stock photography

You Appreciate Quality

We all know the saying ‘you get what you pay for’. Well that couldn’t be truer when it comes to the images you post on social media. Using high quality, curated images to represent your brand communicates the message ‘this brand is high end, aspirational and professional’.

It takes a split second for your audience to form a judgement of your business when they look at your social media.

At The Luminous we pride ourselves in producing high quality fine art stock photography to give your brand a consistent and considered online presence.

You Love Fine Art Photography

You are drawn to light and airy, editorial looking photography. At The Luminous we love soft, clean, dreamy imagery. The Fine Art style is synonymous with luxury, quality and artistry. Each of our images is carefully considered and styled with your business needs in mind.

Using our Fine Art stock photography alongside your own photography will lift your brand aesthetic and tell you audience ‘we are quality’.

You Want To Learn How To Use Social Media To Elevate Your Brand

You know that social media is one of the most important marketing tools but you need a little guidance on how to use it to reach your ideal client and most importantly, get them to choose you.  The Luminous can help you with this. Not only do we provide beautiful curated fine art stock photography to elevate your brand, we will also teach you how to use them to maximum effect.

In our amazing education area you will find guides on using Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook along with advice on copywriting, business tips and so much more. There is just so much to learn about marketing your business and attracting your dream clients.

So, does this sound like you? Could your brand be Luminous? Do you want to learn how to attract your ideal client and engage with them?
To find out more about our membership head to our website to explore our subscription options and all we have to offer.