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Last Updated: September 23, 2020

Autumn Stock Photography : Your Summer to Autumn 2020 Transition Made Easy

As the summer comes to a close we say goodbye to sea blues and bright pops of colour and say hello to a more muted, tonal colour palate with rusty ambers, browns, coppers and apple reds in our range of autumn stock photography. You may have heard the saying that people buy feelings and your feed is a sure fire way to evoke all the feels of Autumn to help you connect with your audience. Think cosy, homely, crisp and comforting vibes, we know our autumn stock photography imagery will resonate with your dream clients and help make your feed look exceptional.

autumn stock photography

Find The Perfect Imagery for Social

Search our gallery to find the perfect autumn stock photography image to promote your autumnal marketing messages on your social, website, blog posts and promotional material. See below for inspiration on how to overlay text for the perfect Pinterest pin to generate traffic to your latest blog post.

autumn stock photography

Stock Images with all the feels

We hope we’ve shown you how to use autumn stock photography to incorporate an autumnal palate into your feed subtly and elegantly to show off pretty much any brand message. In case your are still finding yourself stuck in a rut with what to write outside of your usual brand messaging strategy, here are a few ideas…

  • Back To School – if you are a parent use this time to relate to your audience by talking about the struggle and juggle of the kids going bak to school. How has it made you feel? Do you relish in the extra time or miss them like crazy? Are you an organised person or a frantic last minute person? How is your audience feeling right now?
  • Routine – September/October mark the end of summer time fun and madness and the start of a daily routine. How do you feel about routine? Does it make you more productive? Are you able to start doing things you couldn’t during the holidays? How can your audience embrace routine?
  • Industry specific – what does this time of year signify for your industry? For the wedding industry it signifies the end of the wedding season (or at least it does in any normal year). In fashion, what clothes and trend are we seeing coming into Autumn. In Health & Fitness, how does the change in temperature affect motivation – do you have any tips? In wellbeing sectors this period often marks a shift in mood and positivity so talk about mental health and things your followers can do to overcome negativity. In Finance and business areas how does this time of year affect productivity & spending, how can businesses maximise their workday, save money etc… during these months. Are there any special offers on that you think your followers should know about – not necessarily your own.
  • Halloween – use halloween to talk about your fears, any monsters in your closet, how you can help clients overcome fears…
  • Changing Colours and Light – the more creative, arty brands as well as people in the wellbeing sector and anyone offering an outdoor based service/product can embrace the beauty of the changing seasons by purely talking how Autumn looks and feels to them and asking if their followers can relate.

International Days for the Easy Win!

Still not sure what to post about? Here are some easy wins that any business can use in October:

We truly hope this has helped you feel inspired with your Autumn strategy. Check out our Membership options to see just how we can help you shine brighter online. Your ideal client is out there, it’s all about attracting them to your page and making them feel all the feels. Shine Bright everyone x