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Last Updated: September 13, 2020

Baby and Children Stock Photography

Baby and children brands don’t have to have disorganised, childlike photography.
Our Baby and Children catalogue contains beautiful styled images with a mixture of pastel tones and pops of fun colour.
In our still life photographs you will find plush fluffy toys, fun tea parties and colourful building blocks. In our lifestyle images we have captured jumping in puddles, the cutest baby rolls and angelic curly locks.
Our ever-expanding gallery of kids stuff is photographed by parents for brands selling to parents.

Boost Your Engagement

We all know the importance of consistency on social media. A consistent and curated feed communicates a message of quality to your viewer, which in turn earns their trust and boosts sales and engagement. Each and every one of our photographs is composed and captured with consistency in mind.

At The Luminous our huge collection of Fine Art photography will lift your brand aesthetic. Our images are designed to blend with your own photographs so that your individuality and brand message is heard in the most beautiful way.

Ready to shine?