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There’s nothing quite like an in-person event. The storms of 2020 have proved that whilst much of our business can be conducted online, the power of the person is very much key to running a business with purpose. The wedding industry thrives on these connections – we cannot survive without each other; we are all players in the great orchestra which brings these most special of events alive.

At the heart of The Luminous is kinship. We want to inspire you to create your best work and empower you to attract the clients you really want to. Our styled shoot days and workshops are an opportunity to learn from us and others, to make lasting relationships with professionals you admire and connect on a deeper level to who you are and what you want out of your business.

And there is ALWAYS rosé. That’s a given!

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We know what it takes to design and capture a styled shoot that gets published. We set up a carefully balanced shoot each season so you can learn from us and capture your own images. Join us as a member to be the first to book and receive a discount.

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the secret to booking more weddings? a portfolio that inspires

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what's it all about? The Lowdown

Each styled shoot day we put on is carefully considered, perfectly planned and beautifully styled. Held at some of the country's most iconic venues, these days are your chance to capture high-end images and work with world class suppliers. We handpick the creatives that collaborate on these shoots, most of whom will attend the days themselves, so it's also an unrivalled opportunity for you to work alongside those talented folk you aspire to.

Included in the shoot is plenty of one-to-one time with Helen and Camilla, as well as the opportunity to sit with Kim and give your business a health check. For the last hour, we'll crack open the bubbly and it'll be your time to mingle with both your fellow attendees and the suppliers working on the shoot.

A delicious lunch, a stunning location, tonnes of beautiful imagery and the ability to submit your work wherever you please, these shoot days are strictly limited in attendees, so make sure you're the first to book.

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