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The Luminous Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many images are included with my membership?

All members have unlimited access to the full image library. There are currently over 2000 images and we add 50+ new images every month to keep things fresh and in response to member feedback.

There are also 50 templates in our template gallery and 10 new templates are added every month available to Brilliance Members only.

Do I need to credit The Luminous?

Hell no! We don’t expect that. However, if you would like to be featured in our Member Focus on our stories or enter our monthly transformation competitions then please do tag @weare.theluminous or use the hashtag #wearetheluminous.

Where can I use the images?

There are two membership levels available to you, Brighten & Brilliance. With both memberships you can use the images to market your business on social media. With Brilliance you can also use the images in all your online and print marketing, from website to brochures, flyers and PDFs.

There are so many ways you can utilise the imagery including :

- SOCIAL MEDIA (Brighten & Brilliance) : Instagram posts for feed and stories, facebook covers, Pinterest graphics, blog post graphics…
- WEBSITE GRAPHICS (Brilliance only): banners, headers, buttons, backgrounds…
- MARKETING COLLATERAL (Brilliance only) : Brochures, Leaflets, PDFs, Flyers

For the full image license, please read our Subscription Terms.

What size and orientation are the images?

For Brighten the images are plenty big enough for social media but not too big that they will use up all the space on your computer! Brighten images are 1000pixels on the longest side, and saved in high resolution 300dpi for digital images and 72dpi for film.

For Brilliance the images are big enough to use both online and in printed marketing collateral. Brilliance images are 2400pixels on the longest side, 300dpi for digital, 72dpi for film.

You can of course change the size and resolution yourself.

The images are a mixture of landscape and portrait and can easily be cropped for use on social media and beyond.

Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes, absolutely! Brighten members are welcome to upgrade to a Brilliance membership at any time.

If you are a Social Media Manager or creative needing a license for more than one client you can also check out our Brilliance for Creatives Membership.

Can I cancel anytime?

We are super confident that you will find amazing value in your Luminous membership but should you wish you can can cancel your monthly membership at any time.

Please note, you need to cancel before the renewal date. We cannot offer refunds if you forget to cancel before this date.

If I cancel, can I still use any images I've previously downloaded?

Unfortunately no. If you choose to cancel your subscription, you are not permitted to re-post or re-use any images that you have already used when your subscription expires. Nor are you entitled to post/use and material you have previously downloaded from our website but not yet posted/used.

As as Brighten Member, where can I use the images?

Brighten members are allowed to use the images on social media ONLY.

Are there any restrictions on where I can use the images for Brilliance Members?


Use images on social media platforms, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin, Tik Tik, for blog posts and on your website.
Use images for your business online and in print (see full terms for restrictions).
Use images for online website sign ups such as downloadable PDFs.
Use images as part of any Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram ads campaign.
Crop, resize and change image orientation.
Use Canva, Photoshop, Indesign or other software to overlay images with text or website screenshots.
Use images in slideshows, presentations and online webinars.

Give your login credentials to anyone else.
Allow anyone else to use the images or sell the images to any third-party.
Use images for clients’ businesses and social media accounts if you are a creative such as a Social Media Manager, PR
agency, Web Developer or Marketeer. You can find special memberships to cover your needs HERE.
Credit the image as your own.
Use the images within or on the cover of books or ebooks for sale
Create products from the images such as prints, calendars, mugs, social media templates or any such products, either to give away or for sale.
Use images to defame or offend or in any way that might be deemed illegal or pornographic.