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Last Updated: September 14, 2020

How Will Fine Art Photography Help My Business Shine?

If you’re drawn to bright and luminous images you probably already love Fine Art photography, as one of its key features is its light and airy look. We are going to tell you how using the Fine Art photography that The Luminous love will elevate your brand and help you stand out online.

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Fine Art Photography Is High-End

Whether we are photographing a styled lay out or a scene in nature we consistently produce dreamy looking photographs which are synonymous with luxury, beauty and quality. Using these images online will allow your business to communicate the message of a high-end quality product or service.

Each Photography Tells A Story

When we are composing our images we always have you and your brand in mind. Each image in The Luminous gallery can be used to tell your own story. Be it deskwork, self-care, food, lifestyle, we have images perfect for your business.

Captivate Your Dream Clients

We all know how important it is to be engaging on social media, to stop your ideal client mid scroll. Our images are beautiful and captivating, they will make your audience pause and listen to what you have to say.

On that note, with The Luminous we will also tell you HOW to use your images to draw in your dream clients. We will guide you through what to write in your captions, how to use hash-tags, how to write engaging copy. Our members get exclusive access to expert written education to help you shine brighter online.

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Soft, Clean Images

There is nothing more off-putting than messy, cluttered photographs on social media. They are confusing to the viewer and distracting from your brand message. This is why we only produce clean, uncluttered images, which will draw your audience into the frame. We use shallow depth of field and soft focus to highlight the main subject of the images making your message clear and easy to understand.

Consistently Beautiful

Consistency is key when it comes to raising your brand’s aesthetic. A confusion of colour, photography style, lighting and theme makes a brand look confused themselves and very unprofessional. Any successful brand you can think of is sure to have consistent imagery in all of their online and marketing material. This gives the viewer a feeling of calm and security making them more likely to trust the brand and buy from them. Think of how many times you have left a website because of bad photography.

Using The Luminous imagery will give your online presence a consistently beautiful look.

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Film Photography

Yes you read right, many of the images you will find in The Luminous gallery are shot on film. As in old school rolls that you send off to develop.

We absolutely love film photography because of its timeless and elegant look. Film produces refined, ethereal images which make to stop and gaze a moment longer. And that is exactly why they are film images so good for social media, they stand out from mainstream digital images. They make the viewer stop and stare a while. And then what? You guessed it, your audience read your caption, resonate with your message and click on your profile to engage with you brand. Film photography is magic like that!

Ready to shine brighter online?