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Last Updated: September 13, 2020

Meet The Founders – A Cup of Tea with Camilla Arnhold Photography

Camilla Arnhold is the fine art photographer who has captured some the most stunning quintessentially English weddings. She is one of the few film photographers in the country and is recommended by the fine stately homes and private estates in England.
Camilla is sought after by her clients for her timeless style, warm smile and impeccable eye for detail. She has grown her business from the ground up and created an instantly recognisable brand with a loyal following.

Hi Camilla, can you tell us a bit more about your photography business?

I have been photographing weddings for 9 years and absolutely loved every moment of it.
My interest in photography started when I went travelling after university. I used photography to document my adventures and keep in touch with friends and family but as time went by I found myself becoming more and more artistic.
Fast forward a couple of years and I enrolled on a Diploma Course at the Arts University Bournemouth which is where I discovered film photography and really connected with the process of shooting and developing film. I also met my husband when studying there. He is a photographer too and I did some work experience with his company.
I graduated with a distinction and set up my own wedding photography business which is how I met Helen Cawte, a fellow Luminous founder.
I have been extremely lucky to photograph some magnificent weddings in incredible venues all over the UK and worldwide.
My favourite part of weddings in the emotional connections between the couple and their guests, it’s all about the love!

How would you describe The Luminous photography style?

The photographs that we produce at The Luminous are what would be considered Fine Art. This means they are full of light, clean and uncluttered and have an editorial look to them.
Both myself and Helen photograph weddings in this same Fine Art style so it was a natural progression to bring this beautiful bright and elegant photography to The Luminous.

Many of the images in The Luminous collection are photographed on film which is what gives them a soft and timeless quality and a beautiful grain. Every photograph in our collection has been carefully composed and considered. Each an every one is a piece of art.

About Camilla Arnhold Photography

What is it about this style of photography that is so special and how will it help other businesses?

Fine Art Photography is synonymous with quality and luxury. Think of any high-end brand and it will have a certain style of photography linked to it. Our clean, bright and beautiful photographs speak of refined elegance which is the message that will be linked to any business that uses our images.   

So many brands struggle to find consistent, high-end photography which is aligned with their brand. Many don’t know how to produce gorgeous, consistent photographs of their own and lots just don’t have the time to dedicate to creating this content. This is why we set up The Luminous; to provide businesses with beautiful, artistic photographs and the education on how to use them to reach their ideal client.

Our photographs are designed to stop you mid scroll and take a moment to enjoy the photograph. Whether it’s crystal clear sea or a steaming mug of coffee the photograph will captivate the viewer and invite them to engage with the business linked to it.  

The Luminous collection is ever expanding so there will never be a day when our members can’t find anything to post. There will be thousands of images which are perfect for their brand at their fingertips making social media super easy and effective.

And lastly, who would be your dream dinner party guests?

Louis Theroux for sure, I love that man and it would be great to quiz him on all of the amazing people he has interviewed! David Attenborough could tell us tales of his adventures. Dame Judi Dench for some Hollywood stories. Russell Brand would be invited as I find his transformative journey so inspiring. And Deborah Frances-White my favourite podcaster for a bit of feminist humour. Oh and my Luminous girls too, the lovely Helen and Kim!

Thank you Camilla.  You can view more of Camilla’s work at or find her on social @camillaarnholdphotography