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Last Updated: September 13, 2020

Meet The Founders – Tea and Cake with Kim Balasubramaniam

In 2005 Kim founded her wedding planning and design studio which quickly became an acclaimed brand within the wedding industry. Known for her beautifully refined style and thoughtful attention to detail, she has produced weddings across the country for a discerning international clientele. As a business consultant, through in-person workshops one-to-one consultancy and online courses, she has helped her coaching clients elevate their businesses and book the high-end clients they dream of, garnering a reputation as a true expert in the business of distinctive weddings

Hi Kim, tell us a bit about your business, Inimitable and your background

When I first started my wedding planning business, it was a time when social media didn’t really exist; businesses were built on connection, word of mouth and print features. Now, without a stellar presence on social media you’ll struggle to succeed. Whilst the world has changed immeasurably since I started out, the core values of my business haven’t. I have always strived to make those personal connections, deliver an incredible service so my clients would rave about me, and love seeing my work in print, and now online, across the world. It gives me an immense feeling of pride!

Having planned and designed incredible weddings for a discerning clientele for many years I was asked to consult for other businesses in the industry and help the reach their ideal clients in a market which is highly competitive and image focussed. My consultancy, Inimitable, really helps entrepreneurs in the wedding industry grow businesses that allow them creative freedom, to work with clients who truly value what they do and to actually enjoy a life outside of business. Something that we often lose sight of as business owners but is incredibly important to our success.

Why did you start The Luminous?

I absolutely love seeing the impact that education and training has on businesses. So often people start businesses because they have a vision of a product or service they want to create, but they lack the skills that are needed  to keep that business alive. A lot of my coaching clients also struggled to consistently post their best work on social media as they lacked stock of beautiful imagery.

With The Luminous we saw a huge gap whereby we could combine the teaching of those utterly fundamental skills for business alongside providing incredibly beautiful imagery that would immediately elevate the brands that used them.

Working with Helen and Camilla is always a joy; their photography and business talents are immense. I love that I am building a business with two other equally ambitious women and we are creating a brand with real purpose and legacy.  We genuinely believe in what we are doing and care about our members, we absolutely love seeing them use one of our images or templates.

What’s your top business tip?

That’s easy – know who your ideal clients are! I think it is at the heart of the success of any business. If you don’t know who you’re selling to then how can you sell to them? It’s about so much more than demographics though; I think you have to really understand the personalities and values of the audience you want to attract to be able to talk to them in the most authentic way possible and turn them from followers into customers. It’s a huge subject and one we delve into deeply within our education hub.

And lastly, do you have a claim to fame?!

I once designed three weddings that were part of a movie directed by Nigel Cole. It was an incredible experience and taught me so much about working under pressure, and how the wedding industry is viewed by the movie world!

I also appeared on an episode of Escape to The Country with my husband and then one year-old son; we didn’t end up buying any of the houses though!

Thank you Kim. You can find out more about Kim’s wedding planning at her business consultancy Inimitable at or find her on social @thebusinessof_weddings

Images of Kim’s work by Julie Michaelsen, Zosia Zacharia and John Day