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Last Updated: September 13, 2020

How to know if Pinterest is right for your business

Do you run a business? Yes? Then Pinterest can most definitely be an incredible tool to send your ideal customers to your website and online presence!

Often seen as a way to search for the perfect pavlova recipe, look for inspiration for your next overseas adventure or plan your kitchen redesign, Pinterest is actually a really powerful tool that you can easily use to inspire your audience and foster engagement.

Pinterest is not just another social media platform – it’s actually a search engine. The reason it’s so powerful is that it’s completely image driven and users go on there with the express intention to be inspired and make a purchasing decision. As of July 2020, Pinterest reported 400 million active users; that’s a whole load of people who are ready to see your content.

Pinterest for business

So how can you use Pinterest for your business? We go into this in a lot of detail in the education hub, and have a whole heap of how-tos but we’ve broken it down for you below.

Product Based Businesses

Pinterest was just made for product based businesses. You can use images of your products, showcase your newest collections and inspire your audience by creating complementary boards and pins that tell your story and enhance your brand message. That’s where The Luminous images come in – they’re just perfect for narrating your love of travel if you create beautiful luggage, inspiring your audience with your interior style if you’re a furnishings company or showcasing seasonal ingredients if you create a food product for example.

The great thing about Pinterest is that it allows you to not only showcase your products but really drive home the values and aesthetics of your brand. Doing both of these well will inspire your audience and send a tonne of new customers your way.

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Service Based Businesses

When you run a service based business, it’s all about communicating the value in what you provide. Whether that’s interior design, web development or floristry you want to be able to inspire your audience with the services you provide, the attention to detail you have and the what experience of working with you is like.

Pinterest works really well for service based businesses by allowing you to link your pins to content on your website. For example “My Top 5 Rules for A Capsule Wardrobe” for a fashion stylist, or “Case Study of a Family Friendly Garden in London” for a garden designer. The good news is that Brilliance members of The Luminous have access to fully editable Canva templates which make creating these types of pins an absolute breeze. You can really capture your clients’ attention with these graphics, and encourage them to click through to your website, sign up for your newsletter or read your latest blog post.

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Location Specific Businesses

If you own a coffee shop, restaurant or fashion boutique then Pinterest is a great way to connect with your customers and inspire brand loyalty. You can create pins to promote offers, link to menus or product lists and more.

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Pinterest really can be a great tool no matter what business you have. If you’re not on there you need to be, and it’s a platform that shows incredible growth really quickly if you use it properly, so be sure to check out all our resources in the Education Hub of the membership to make the most of it.