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Last Updated: September 13, 2020

Still Life Stock Photography

Still life photography is at the heart of what we love at The Luminous. Each of our categories contains still life images encompassing a huge range of themes. The beauty of still life photography is that each photograph is styled and composed with your brand message in mind. These images are clean, bright and have plenty of white space for your own brand graphics or text.

They are the perfect filler images when you’re not sure what to post and just want something beautiful that will stop your audience mid scroll.

How Will Fine Art Images Make Your Shine?

At The Luminous our huge collection of Fine Art photography will lift your brand aesthetic and give your social media a consistent and considered feel. This curated look is key to communicating a message of quality and professionalism which will boost sales and engagement.  

Our images are designed to blend with your own photographs so that your individuality and brand message is heard in the most beautiful way.
To further tailor your search images can be filtered by colour and even keyword to make finding the perfect picture easy as pie.

Ready to shine brighter online?