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Last Updated: September 13, 2020

Stop The Scroll with our Fine Art Girona on Film Stock Photography Collection

Is it obvious that we are passionate about travel and Film Photography? This Collection was filmed during a trip to Spain to be part of Traveling Light, a Film Photography Conference. I know as a photographer I often find it hard to put into words the feelings we get from certain places; the atmosphere, emotions, light and smells. To me, photographs serve as a visual memory that can transport us back to these places. Camilla and I learnt so much in the few days we were in Spain and these images will forever serve as a visual representation of a turning point in our photography journeys.

Aspirational Images To Attract Your Dream Client

We hope these images provide aspirational businesses with inspiration for blog posts, stories, social media content and engaging copy. We imagine these images being used by luxury health and wellbeing brands, bloggers, web designers, life coaches and so many more high-end businesses. They were shot at the change of season between summer and Autumn and portray the wonderfully different architecture and textures of Spain.

Our stunning Collections are available to buy for £50 as a standalone purchase or included in our Brilliance subscription alongside the full gallery of 2000+ images, social media templates and educational resources.  We can’t wait to welcome you to The Luminous family and see you shine brighter online.

Big love, Helen x