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Last Updated: September 13, 2020

The Magic Of Film Photography

There is a tangible soul to film photography which gives images a luminous, romantic and ethereal quality. And yes, we really are talking about film. As in rolls of negative, send it off to get developed, film. And we love it!

Icelandic thermal pool - film photography

Film Photography Is Magical

Have you even seen an image which has stopped you in your tracks? Was there something captivating about it? The colours, the light, the texture of the photograph? This is how we feel about film photography. There is something magic about it which sets it apart from the countless digital images we see on our screens every day.

Because each film image is created with a chemical reaction on a negative it has real soul. It’s is tangible.

The process of capturing film photographs is a much sought after skill. Helen and Camilla are some of the few film photographers out there and they wholeheartedly believe in the beauty and quality that sets film photography apart from the rest.

icelandic waterfall

It’s also the process of photographing on film which makes it so special. Shooting film forces you to slow down and consider each shot you take. It’s so much more of an artistic process that firing off hundreds of digital images without even stopping to consider why you are taking the photograph and what you want it to say.

We love film photography because of it’s ability to capture light. We specialise in Fine Art photography which means images that are light and bright. They are consistently beautiful because of their luminous quality and soft colours and tones. When grouping these images together on social media, it’s this consistence that communicates a message of high quality and luxury.  

Iceland frozen lake

The beauty of the images is what makes your audience stop a moment and gaze. Using these images on social media is what will captivate your ideal client. The will then connect with your message, engage with your brand.

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