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Last Updated: September 13, 2020

7 Super Quick Tips for Writing Engaging Instagram Captions

Writing engaging Instagram captions is one of the biggest struggles for business owners these days.  How do you stand out online amongst thousands of other businesses?  How can you beat the ever-changing algorithm? 

The good news is that now we’ve solved all your imagery challenges you can devote more time to writing those super powerful captions to engage your ideal clients.  Engagement is everything when it comes to the algorithm so read on for our top tips for writing engaging Instagram captions to shine brighter online and increase your chances of success…

writing engaging Instagram captions

1.   Start with a Captivating Sentence, Question or Call To Action

Treat the first sentence like an article headline.  Something compelling that includes all the must know details and entices people to read more.  Questions work really well to create a more conversational tone as do personal statements that your ideal client can relate to or bold statements quickly identifying your client’s key problems/concerns.

When writing engaging Instagram captions you could also start with a quote or a well know song lyric or movie quote to engage people and show a little personality.  I’ve been known to quote Kylie and Jason lyrics (a little embarrassing) as well as Finding Dory’s “Just Keep Swimming”!

Great caption starters examples include:

“Is anyone else feeling super inspired/happy/emotional/ today?”

“We believe in the power of community/friendship/…”

“What’s your biggest worry right now?”

“What’s your love story…”

“I don’t know about you but last week I was feeling sluggish/demotivated/sad….”

“Realising our Priorities.  I hope you are all doing ok…”

“How do you set yourself up for a productive week ahead?…”

“When running your own business, it’s so easy to feel…”

2.   Post Tips and Advice to Add Value and Show Your Expertise

The number one way to increase trust in your followers is to give added value in every post.  The more you post something that educates, informs or gets them thinking the more they will interact with you, tag others and see value in what you are selling.  Try it out with a Top Tip for something or a How To type post.  Linking it to a super informative blog post is also a great idea to give even more value and to drive more traffic where you want it.

3.   When Writing Engaging Instagram Captions Be Authentic

By this we mean that you need to write like an actual human and not a robot.  People engage more with people they can relate to.  Show your vulnerabilities and struggles and also how you overcome them.  It may be appealing to just show the picture perfect version of your life but to really resonate with your ideal client it is so important to be REAL and be YOU. 

You could share your biggest business mistake, your most embassassing moment, your current struggles and then end with a positive, inspiring message.

writing engaging instagram captions

4.   Use a Separate Platform to Plan and Schedule your Content.

We thoroughly recommend platforms such as Later, Tailwind, Trello and Planoly to write your captions in advance and schedule that beautiful consistent feed.  By writing your captions in advance you have time to go back and correct, think about how the post could be more captivating and you avoid the error of posting something super personal in the spur of the moment when you probably aren’t in the best frame of mind. 

Although it’s great to be authentic, remember it is first and foremost your business you are there to promote and super emotional rants and outbursts will deter a lot of followers!   You need to write with a level head and also with your marketing strategy in mind and a separate platform will allow that distraction free space to focus on your goals.  Like any writing process, your first draft might not always be your best so give yourself the breathing space to go back and amend.

5. Tell Your Story

The most powerful way you can connect with your audience is to tell your story throughout your posts.  This helps people to understand who you are and buy into your WHY.  Don’t be afraid to be personal or to talk about your failures and successes.  No one likes a bragger but we do all love to feel inspired by someone we feel is similar to us.

6.   Quality over Quantity

Although there is no strict rule when it comes to caption length, especially when you are adding value or compelling the reader with relatable content, it is definitely best to use your words wisely and avoid the waffle.  Instagram captions can be 2,200 characters in length but if you are in any doubt go for a shorter, snappier post with clear questions and calls to action.

7.   Avoid “Selling”

Social media is designed to be just that, social.  Avoid going in with the hard sell from the start when writing engaging Instagram captions, which will only serve as a deterrent.  Instead start with a question or a personal problem that your can then provide a solution to.  Perhaps think about your Call to Action as being a friendly prompt to subscribe to your newsletter where you promise more valuable advice and tips rather than simply a CTA to buy your product.  There is so much being sold on social media these days that people need to see your personality and value before they trust you enough to buy.  The softly softly approach will outperform every time

We hope this post has given you some quick insights on writing engaging Instagram captions and we look forward to hearing how the above tips have helped you. Be sure to check out our guest blogs on story telling to delve even further into the subject.

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